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Now, this is the part where you are probably thinking "Do I really wanna tip this kid?? I bet he'll just spend it on beer..."  

But HOLD ON and just hear me out.  

I, Eli Alger, solemnly swear, that every last penny that is ever so graciously donated by my wonderful, adoring fans, will 100% be going towards:  

ALBUM Production  

Nothing else, 

Your next question may be: "Ok, well, how much DOES album production cost?? What exactly does that entail even???"

So here's the breakdown guys, I've crunched the numbers, and if we are gonna get a full-blown, 14 song album with all the bells and whistles, professionally made music videos, aaaand proper advertisement/"push" to radio stations and all online platforms.

(in a nutshell, do it legit)

It's going to cost a minimum of (it irks me to write this number) $70,000...

Ok, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict you just said "BUUUULLL SH!&#^%*TTT"... Oh ya I feel ya, I'm the crazy dude with a geetar trying to raise that much, put yourself in my shoes haha.

But let me break it down for ya:

Songs: It costs at least $1500 a song (big dawgs usually spend 5-10k per song so this is base level) to get professional players and a good producer... That's $21,000 off the bat just for the music.

Videos: To get a "real deal" music video recorded (think "When It Rains It Pours" Luke Combs) it's gonna cost around $2000 per song. That's on the low end to get a reputable videographer with all the gadgets plus multiple backgrounds, really aesthetically pleasing stuff, etc... so 14 songs at 2k is $28,000. (blah #makesmesicktomystomach)

Distribution/advertising/radio marketing: The remaining 21k goes towards several things in this area. We are looking at paying for radio ads for shows, ads in magazines and online forums, paying to submit to playlists, pretty much paying to have it mass distributed (I'm simplifying it, there is a lot that goes into this part of the industry and I am learning as I go). The way I see it, we just created this wonderful art.. Now we have to get it out to the masses.

Trust me when I say I know reading all this may be overwhelming, just know that any donation that you can give to the cause, big or small, is going towards something real, and going towards a driven young man's goals and dreams..

Your help will NOT go unnoticed or be put to waste.

 So if you can spare a few and wouldn't mind helping support some punk kid from Iowa who's currently taking on the big world of COUNTRY MUSIC by himself. 

This is the spot to do it, THANK YOU!!

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