Hailing from Nashville, TN, Matt is easily the most gifted member of the Faster Horses, a prized Stallion.  

Coming from a long line of big-name heavyweights in the music industry, Matt simply has it in his bones to exude excellence.  

When he’s not on stage with the Faster Horses nailing harmonies with his God-given perfect pitch or absolutely annihilating solos and recognizable piano numbers, you’ll be able to find Matt having a good time and being the life of the party.  
Matt’s talents reach much further than the stage, as Matt spends his weekdays in Nashville as a session player, creating the music you may well hear on the radio in the recording studio. Matt did all of the Keyes's work on their latest single “Dollars On The Wall”.  

A powerhouse, he gets his nickname from, well, playing that piano like a “KID OUT IN THE RAIN”!


Easily the wildest member of the Faster Horses. Some may even call him "Mad"…   
Hailing from Lisbon, IA. This stallion is a former member of the PRCA as a professional rodeo cowboy. Vinny rode bareback broncs competitively until he had his leg broken in a riding accident. Given his past, you may see Vinny well up when playing his favorite Cody Johnson song, "Dear Rodeo," it just hits home.  

Not only does Vinny run around on stage, walk out into the crowd to solo, and jump up on subwoofers to rip guitar solos and bluesy licks. But you'll also be sure to hear his unique and soulful voice adding to the harmonies that give the Faster Horses a dynamic sound you couldn't find anywhere else.  

A true cowboy in his own right, don't hesitate to come to talk to Vinny in between sets or after the show, he'd love to meet ya & he never disappoints.