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Hey guys!

As a songwriter, I'm always trying to challenge myself and write from new/different perspectives and such to create the most well thought out, deep, emotional, and elaborate music I am capable of creating. And I also want to bring as much VALUE to you guys as I possibly can and really connect with y'all... Cause, in the end, my music doesn't mean anything without you guys (the fans).

So I thought of a way to allow you guys to become as much of a part of my journey as possible, and that is with me writing personalized and specifically tailored song(s) for you guys.

The idea is that if you have a situation in your life, or have lived through something, or know somebody that you feel needs to be immortalized in music, I would love to be apart of it.

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Contact Info:

     Email: elialgerPR@elialgermusic.com

I think I've got that ramblin fever HAGGARD's been talking about”

Eli Alger