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Big News!! 

Greetings to all, how ya been Ol'Ethel here, I figured I should clue you guys in on all the shenanigans Eli amd I have been up to. We were just in the studio yesterday cutting our very first EP! we did: Dog Tags and A Wedding Ring Songs And Little Towns Dollars On The Wall Dance For Me Tonight Hey Nashville Just 5 songs, and all acoustic vocal, nothin fancy... I guess the goal is to drum those songs out to you guys this summer and give y'all a link to a page on this here website where you can vote which song you think should be professionally recorded with all the bells and whistles and such.. Eli says he wants "everyone to have a say".. I don't know I just keep to myself and play the fingers. Oh and I just got a brand new setup done and am sounding pretty good these days if I do say so myself.. I'll see you guys next week, hopefully I don't forget.. its been crazy busy and it's pretty hard to type without any hands, arms, fingers... you get the idea

Short & Sweet 

Hey guys. I think ill keep it short amd sweet this time... Eli and I are gearing up for a HUGE summer yall.. 42 shows in 3 months in 6 states.. its gonna be off the hook. Equal parts nervous and excited for this one. I'm sure there will be lots of ups, downs, sideways.. hell shit might go diagonal Hope you guys can make a show or 2. Ok that's all I got. I'm gonna go hit the humidifier

Oh what a week... 

Hey guys, Ol’Ethel here, sorry I haven’t hopped on in a few weeks life has been hectic. Eli and I have been playing lots of shows both on Broadway and around Nashville at writer's rounds, He has been being really hard on both himself and me, and has been stressed out about booking shows. He keeps telling me that we need to get better to compete down here, which is nothing new, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him completely happy with a performance or song yet. But I suppose that’s how we both are actually getting better.. He even goes over/practices his storytelling and “1-liners” with me strapped to his chest in the living room which honestly is boring as hell for me but hey! Whatever we gotta do to put new strings on the frets ya know. In better news, we went in and started recording our first music video which was really cool, I really gave it my all and I think he was proud of me, I cant wait to see the finished product. Anyways that’s all I got for today. I’ll try to be better at blogging consistently moving forward... It’s just kind of hard not having any arms, hands, or fingers. 


Ol’ Ethel

Oh Well Hey! 

Hey guys whats up, I'm Ethel, this is my first official blog post.. 

Let me introduce myself 

For those who don't know me, I'm a Garth Brooks G7 Takamine, and Eli and I go way back. 

I have pretty dark past that I'm not quite comfortable going into detail on.. I mean.. how else would I have ended up cracked, chipped, and one of the last guitars hanging on the wall, on MEGA sale, at an old guitar shop on the bad side of town, that was just about to foreclose?? 

Yes its true, I thought I was a gonner... bound to be sold for chump change to some punk kids, or possibly stowed away forever, never to be played again .. 

But that all changed when on a fateful December day, an old man who I would later learn to be Eli's Papa (cool name for grandpa) walked into the shop, looking for a "guitar suitable for playing live shows" for his grandson, who was turning 18 on Christmas day.. and fate would have it that I was to be that guitar. 

Eli, being the Garth fan that is, couldn't believe his eyes at what lay before him upon unveiling my identity that Christmas day. 

His papa had no idea what my breed of guitar had meant to the boy. 

He for some reason named me Ol' Ethel.. which is a peculiar choice seeing that I'm a dude, but I'm not one to complain seeing my fortunate turn of circumstances. 

After about a year of us being a team, we come to find out that Eli's great grandma Horseman was a singer in a traveling band back in the day... her name was Ethel.. funny how that worked out, but considering the lineage I've decided to embrace the name.. I'm Kind of like the guitar version of "Boy named Sue" except way cooler... 

Eli and I have stuck it out thick and thin the last 6 years, I taught him how to play me from the gitgo, and we have been on the climb ever since. 

We've kind of become an inseparable pair he and I, partners in crime, like "Starsky and Hutch", "Patrick and SpongeBob", "Willie and Trigger"... 

We've made a vow to only jam with each other for the rest of our days, and to be honest, it just wouldn't feel right with anybody else pickin the strings. 

See you guys at the next show with the dynamic duo.. Eli and Ethel. 

Until next week. 



Episode 1: Recap of Christmas & Liquor Tour 

Alright guys this one is what I might call a "multi layered post", so just bear with me, I'm I'm gonna try to keep everything in chronological order. Lol 

PART 1: 
To begin, Saturday night at THE GROVE was probably the best possible way I could have ended such a stellar tour. It was a roller coaster of emotions to say the least... 

So I get there and the place is DEAD, like 1 table of teenagers eating chicken wings and 1 towny at the bar dead, I'm goin "weeeeell sh!t, there goes leaving on a high note" in my head.. I play first set and the gloom is starting to set in, crickets, I just couldn't believe nobody came. 

"it happens to the best of us" I tell myself, Eric Church wouldn't have written "These Boots" if it didn't. 

So I go strap my guitar back on, fire the PA back up, and almost like it was on que, about 4 people come in, I greet them, then before I can start playing 2 guys I know walk in (thanks for making the trip T-BIRD!!), I greet them, then some guy walks in right behind and goes: 

"HEY, you the guy from Nashville??" 

Even though I had just moved down in September and hardly know my way around town yet, I felt the correct answer to this question was "YEP!" 

this kid turns around and goes: 


guys, what happened next just warmed my body and soul, a solid 30-40 people pour into this joint, in the middle of nowhere, just for the music. 

I gave absolutely everything I could give. And we danced, sang, and drank the night away. They all loved Houston and I's song "Blame It On The Alcohol", and I had the whole place just SCREAMING "Amy", "You Never Called Me By My Name", "Friends In Low Places", and my favorite "American Pie" to end the night out. 


I couldn't have asked for a better last show 

PART 2: 
so I get the truck loaded up and go to hit the road for Nashville TN (yes I drove through the night, yes I'm crazy, I'm sorry Mom for worrying you), and there is a full blown blizzard comin down hard.. 

Guys, I don't get scared of much (if anything at all), but out there on the highway where I hadn't seen another car for at least 45 minutes, the road so covered I can't tell it from the ditch except for the curvature of the land and the rumble strips keeping me from going off, and my crappy headlights keeping me from being able to see more than 50 ft... I was scared. 

I started praying  "God, please get me home safe, help me out here". And somehow, someway, yet again almost as if on que... An ambulance with nice shiny paint, and tail lights, and LED headlights that illuminate the earth, pulls out infront of me.. 

I felt like I was in Lord of The Rings when Gandalf said "follow me little Hobbit". A beacon in the night to guide the weary traveler on his way home. 

I followed that Ambulance for 100 miles through the thick of that storm. And I am 100% CERTAIN that God heard my prayer and sent it for me. 

Thank you God. 

PART 3: 

So I get home to Nashville about noon and though exhausted, decide to push through and stay up till at least 8 to get my sleep schedule back on track. 

So I did what any sane man would do after an epic run of PACKED shows, that has been up for 36 hours, and just got done with an 11 hour drive.. I ordered a pizza, poured up a record year ("1 bourbon, 1 scotch, and 1 beer" - THE CHIEF), and I watched the Chiefs game, and enjoyed my evening with my wonderful girlfriend Ms. Ann Marie... for America 🇺🇸. 

PART 4: 

So, now I'm BACK in Nashville, and it time to hit the ground runnin! 

I have 4 "writes" (musician term, meeting up with strangers and friends alike to write songs) set up this week, the first being at 11 today, and I've 4 shows this week as well. 

So glad to be back down south, grinding, learning, cutting my teeth, making connections, and evolving. Striving to become the best Eli Alger I can be. 

I'm aware I've been promising new original material and have not delivered,  I had just bitten off more than I could chew doing that much traveling, gigging, and writing, paired with truck mishaps, holidays, and life stuff, to get a quality video out to you guys as well, and thats my fault. I promise I will have a new song posted this week for you guys to hear... and I really think you're all gonna love it. 


I haven't had this much outpouring support for me and my music in my life guys... the love you all showed me this last month on tour has solidified my mindset that im NEVER giving this thing up.. EVER 

We played nothing but PACKED shows all tour, and you guys were so kind with your words of encouragement and your generosity that I am truly beside myself. 

With that being said, I've made up my mind that I will either be 35-40 looking at my life going: 

"wow.. all that hard work and I really didn't make it (record deal, CMAs, big concerts, radio, ect), damn" 


I will be doing what we would call "living the dream".. fingers crossed. 

Thank you all for believing, and putting the wind in my sails. 

Oh! And my pupper doog Willow was very happy to see me. Lol 

- Eli Alger, over and out 

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