Big News!!

Greetings to all, how ya been Ol'Ethel here, I figured I should clue you guys in on all the shenanigans Eli amd I have been up to. We were just in the studio yesterday cutting our very first EP! we did: Dog Tags and A Wedding Ring Songs And Little Towns Dollars On The Wall Dance For Me Tonight Hey Nashville Just 5 songs, and all acoustic vocal, nothin fancy... I guess the goal is to drum those songs out to you guys this summer and give y'all a link to a page on this here website where you can vote which song you think should be professionally recorded with all the bells and whistles and such.. Eli says he wants "everyone to have a say".. I don't know I just keep to myself and play the fingers. Oh and I just got a brand new setup done and am sounding pretty good these days if I do say so myself.. I'll see you guys next week, hopefully I don't forget.. its been crazy busy and it's pretty hard to type without any hands, arms, fingers... you get the idea

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