Oh Well Hey!

Hey guys whats up, I'm Ethel, this is my first official blog post.. 

Let me introduce myself 

For those who don't know me, I'm a Garth Brooks G7 Takamine, and Eli and I go way back. 

I have pretty dark past that I'm not quite comfortable going into detail on.. I mean.. how else would I have ended up cracked, chipped, and one of the last guitars hanging on the wall, on MEGA sale, at an old guitar shop on the bad side of town, that was just about to foreclose?? 

Yes its true, I thought I was a gonner... bound to be sold for chump change to some punk kids, or possibly stowed away forever, never to be played again .. 

But that all changed when on a fateful December day, an old man who I would later learn to be Eli's Papa (cool name for grandpa) walked into the shop, looking for a "guitar suitable for playing live shows" for his grandson, who was turning 18 on Christmas day.. and fate would have it that I was to be that guitar. 

Eli, being the Garth fan that is, couldn't believe his eyes at what lay before him upon unveiling my identity that Christmas day. 

His papa had no idea what my breed of guitar had meant to the boy. 

He for some reason named me Ol' Ethel.. which is a peculiar choice seeing that I'm a dude, but I'm not one to complain seeing my fortunate turn of circumstances. 

After about a year of us being a team, we come to find out that Eli's great grandma Horseman was a singer in a traveling band back in the day... her name was Ethel.. funny how that worked out, but considering the lineage I've decided to embrace the name.. I'm Kind of like the guitar version of "Boy named Sue" except way cooler... 

Eli and I have stuck it out thick and thin the last 6 years, I taught him how to play me from the gitgo, and we have been on the climb ever since. 

We've kind of become an inseparable pair he and I, partners in crime, like "Starsky and Hutch", "Patrick and SpongeBob", "Willie and Trigger"... 

We've made a vow to only jam with each other for the rest of our days, and to be honest, it just wouldn't feel right with anybody else pickin the strings. 

See you guys at the next show with the dynamic duo.. Eli and Ethel. 

Until next week. 



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